Have I mentioned we’re on Kickstarter? Funding the biggest Preston TableTop Day we can?

I might have, it’s been something I’ve mentioned quiet a bit recently!



Well, we funded AND have some stretch goals on the go too!

What does that mean? Well Preston TableTop Day is 100% going to happen!

What are the rewards?

We have badges, our own version of a game and exclusive tshirts.

I seriously suggest you head over to the Kickstarter page to see more!

If you’re not a fan of Kickstarter, or would prefer to support via a PayPal we’re also on EventBrite, and you can use the register widget below (or visit the full-page https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/preston-tabletop-day-tickets-14369861643 ) and add your donation to making the day as big and as fun as possible!


I’m so excited to be making the event, and so excited to play ALL the games with you!

Thank you to the backers who have supported us so far, we can’t wait for 11th April 2015!