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Kickstarter Breakdown

The Kickstarter Backer Logo for Dice & Donuts

Now the dust has settled, I’ve had a some “time off” and we’re part way through organizing our next mega game, it’s time to look at some of the stats for the Dice & Donuts Kickstarter.

We funded with an extra £1,164 above our £5,000 target, and 214 Backers got us there, giving us a total of £6,164!

However this isn’t exactly true. With every Kickstarter there are “Dropped Backers.” Backers who pledge, and then for reasons unknown to creators, Kickstarter cannot collect their pledge, so they are dropped from your campaign. Dice & Donuts has 3 dropped backers, and the pledges total £184 .( Roughly 3% of the £6,164.)

This means our real funding via Kickstarter will be £5,980. That’s still 120% funded and I’m certainly not complaining!


You may have seen this before, it’s just one of the many charts from Kicktraq. This one shows us how much was pledged day by day.

Kicktraq Daily Pledges for Dice & DonutsWe can also look at how many people backed each day.

Daily Backers on the Dice & Donuts KickstarterThe shape of these two is quiet typical for most Kickstarters, lots of excitement at the start and end and a stressful quiet spell in the middle.

The spike in both charts around the 14th August is where this post went up on Blog Preston and we could finally tell everyone where we would be opening, (although that’s all still “Subject To Contact” and not 100% completed yet.)

The last 48 hours coincided with our Mega Game, and we added in a £10 pledge for an advanced ticked to our next one in November. 19 of the last 54 backers jumped on this pledge, with lots more people choosing it as an add on. We won’t be able to add tickets to our Eventbrite page until we’ve gotten a confirmed number of tickets. (We may have filled the next Mega Game within 36 hours of the last one ending, but that’s a blog for another time!)

Break down of rewards.

meta-chartThis chart is based on the percentage of funds generated via that reward level. Once we’ve completed surveys and started fulfilment, it’ll be easier to see things like number of T-shirts or how many dice were ordered ect.

From talking and messaging with backers, it seems like for the majority of people Dice & Donuts is the first (or second) campaign they’ve backed, and that wasn’t something I anticipated. The campaign was a little complicated, lots of rewards and add ons, and not exactly first time friendly. I believe I helped a lot of people get the rewards they wanted, but there could be a many more who didn’t contact me for help.

After Preston TableTop Day’s Kickstarter and my terrible attempt with the survey, I’d already planned to use an expert 3rd party company to manage the survey & add ons for this campaign. I’m extra glad about this as £2,246 (38% of our real funding) has come through add ons, and the thought of organizing that AND all the work opening the café at the same time made me a little frightened. Fortunately it’ll be managed through a CrowdOx page and gives the added bonus that we can offer a limited choice of rewards to “Late Backers” and we’ll also be able to offer Kickstarter Backers the opportunity to add-on anything they didn’t get chance to during the campaign. (Sorry, no more Colour Deeds.)

While we’re talking about the Colour Deeds…

These were the most demanded reward level, and people contacted me after the campaign ended offering extra cash to take any if they became “Dropped Pledges!” (None of the dropped pledges were Colour Deeds, sorry.)

We had offers for “Rainbow” and Multi Colour deeds that we choose to turn down, as we didn’t want to dilute how special the ones we had.

We’ll be keeping the identity of the owners under wraps until we’ve had the certificates printed and up on the wall at Dice & Donuts. I’m really looking forwards to getting your photos. I know a few Colour Deed owners have some special colour outfits planned!

Any questions?

Hope that gives you a bit of an insight to the behind the curtain of the Kickstarter.

The next podcast will touch on a few of these areas, and the Mega Game too, so if you’ve got any questions about it all let me know, either leave a comment or come gibe me a shout over on Twitter or Facebook.

Have a terrific Tuesday!

An “Alternative” Option

The logo for the Ministry of Board games network

We interrupt your regular broadcast to bring you this update from The Minister of Board Games!

The logo for the Ministry of Board games network

Breaking news…

If you thought that Asmodee absorbing large companies such as as Fantasy Flight and Days of Wonder with the ferocity of a Hungry Hungry Hippo was a massive, nay huge thing in the board gaming world, well you where probably right. But this announcement right now, the thing that you are reading, this thing, well its set to change the face of board game media forever*

*in truth it probably won’t, very few people will even notice, but those who do I’m talking to you reading this. Will instantly be more intelligent and sexually attractive to the opposite sex.

An alliance has been formed…

A coming together of mighty forces… A geek army is being recruited; The Ministry of Board Games “alternative” media network is born!

The Ministry of Board Games was created many years ago by Nate Brett, to promote board gaming in a slightly different way. The first project he undertook was the weekly #BoardGameHour twitter chat, which has proven to be quite the success (despite Nate being involved).

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UK Games Expo #TwitterBingo

UKGE Twitter Bingo Card

You may have noticed there’s a fair amount of board gamers over on Twitter & there’s a large amount of us heading to UK Games Expo (UKGE)!

The duo behind Going Halves On Games, Geraint & Rhyannon, have made a Twitter Bingo card so you can spot us all!

The #TwitterBingo card we had been putting together to help folks connect at the UK Games Expo in May, is finally here and available for you to print 😀

We have created three formats, so you can pick and choose a suitable one for yourself. Just print it off and bring it along to the Expo and then try and find everyone on the card!

Going Halves will be arriving early Friday morning and then staying until Sunday afternoon. We are staying at the Hilton too, so hope to get some late night gaming in! There’s no specific area we will be because we aren’t working but playing 😀

If you are on the Twitter Bingo card, then please leave a comment on here of where folks are likely to find you and when you are around.

We are looking forward to meeting everyone and getting our game on!


UKGE Twitter Bingo Card

Right Click & “Save Image As…” to save a Jpeg copy of the UKGE #TwitterBingo Card


Twitter Bingo Card – pdf

Twitter Bingo Card – Word Doc


Preston TableTop Day 2015


Have I mentioned we’re on Kickstarter? Funding the biggest Preston TableTop Day we can?

I might have, it’s been something I’ve mentioned quiet a bit recently!



Well, we funded AND have some stretch goals on the go too!

What does that mean? Well Preston TableTop Day is 100% going to happen!

What are the rewards?

We have badges, our own version of a game and exclusive tshirts.

I seriously suggest you head over to the Kickstarter page to see more!

If you’re not a fan of Kickstarter, or would prefer to support via a PayPal we’re also on EventBrite, and you can use the register widget below (or visit the full-page ) and add your donation to making the day as big and as fun as possible!


I’m so excited to be making the event, and so excited to play ALL the games with you!

Thank you to the backers who have supported us so far, we can’t wait for 11th April 2015!

Interview with Mike Mearls


Remember a few weeks ago where Millie spoke to our local RPG guru Baz, and the chatted about the launch of D&D 5th ed?

(Pssst the show upload is here ) While we love Baz, and he is a font of all knowledge on RPGs, we also wanted to talk to someone at the heart of D&D. Alas time zones, Gen Con, and the release of the 5th Edition D&D all added up to nothing happening for the show. *le Sigh*


HOWEVER … Yeah you’ve seen the title of the post … we did get to send Mr Mike Mearls (“The main dude on the Dungeons & Dragons R&D team” as he says in his Twitter bio ) a few questions and we were very excited to get his reply back.

GoR : What was the  goal for 5th compared to 4th?
Mike : The big thing for fifth edition compared to 4th  edition was to make the game move quicker. We received a lot of feedback that 4th edition was a little too complex and slow in play. We also saw that while people liked the option for tactical combat, 4th focused on it a bit too much to the detriment of other parts of the game. We made improving on those points a big part of fifth edition.
People definitely liked the approach to balancing character options in 4th. They liked the feel that every character class could contribute, and that you weren’t required to choose from a narrow subset of the options the game presented. Preserving that was definitely an important goal for us.

GoR :How many hours play testing went into this edition?

M: It is almost impossible to calculate. We had over 175,000 people download the playtest rules. 
Since we suspect that for most groups the Dungeon Master downloaded the rules and ran them for a group of players, we think that there was anywhere from 350,000 to 700,000 actual playtesters.
Before even adding in our inner circle of hundreds of testers, the game easily saw several million collective hours of play.

Was there anything you really wanted in 5th that just didn’t work?

Most of my personal regrets focus on story material, rather than mechanics. I wish we had a little more time to really flesh out some of the creatures that are less popular, like troglodytes, with some more details and vivid histories and cultural details. It also would’ve been really cool to include a full selection of demon lords and archdevils in the Monster Manual, but the book was already bursting at the seams with critters.

How do you sync the art with the rules & world building?

It’s a very important step that follows one of two processes.
In some cases, we start with a piece of existing art from D&D’s history and focus on bringing out the interesting and unique details it features. In designing the rules for it, whether it’s a monster or a character, we try to make sure that the most important, vivid elements of its story are reflected and made important in the rules.

Other times, we might have a creature that people know about but hasn’t proven popular. In the case, we look at its unique elements and try to find a new twist or take on them that feels authentic. I’m really happy with some of the adjustments we made to the genies in D&D. Each  genie is aligned to one of the four classic elements (air, earth, water, and fire), and I like how the genies aligned to earth and water are much more obviously tied to them than in the past.

The key is that regardless of which approach we take, someone looking at the art gains an insight into the story and mechanics about a creature or character. Based only on that art, a person should be able to understand a creature’s place in the world and its key traits.


Thanks to Mike for taking the time to answer Millie’s questions! We haven’t had the chance to play any 5th Edition … yet! So let us know what you’ve been up to in the comments below or give us a tweet @GeekOnRadio!

#BGHAwards – The Game Changers


If you’ve not taken part in board game hour then have a quick listen of this show from back in March.

Right, now we’re all up to speed on Monday 1st September the nominations for the 1st ever Board Game Hour Awards started.

Week by week throughout September, everyone who participates in #BoardGameHour will get to shape the awards to be what the games community wants & needs!

So week one was the #GameChanger award for Innovation in Board Gaming. You can replay the board game hour via the nurph site and head over to the The Ministry of Board Games website for the current list of nominations.

Who did we nominate…

Remember 64oz games from our Kickstarter show? (pss it’s here if you’ve not been listening)

We nominated Richard & Emily from 64oz games for “Board Games – Now Blind Accessible”

The things those guys are doing to bring boardgames to a whole community, who’ve never had the access most sighted people take for granted, is just awesome. Speaking with Richard & Emily really blew my mind, so many things I never considered. It’s awesome stuff they’re doing and they deserve a high five and all the gold stars!

We also nominated…

Matt Leacock for Pandemic

This is brilliant game, and really changed the way Geek On Radio HQ look at board games, it was one of the first games we picked up and the whole innovation of co operative play just blew out minds.


But you don’t have to stick with our nominations, you can head over to twitter & use the #BGHAwards & #GameChanger tags and tell @BoardGameHour who you nominate!

See you at next #BoardGameHour (Monday 7pm) to talk about the “I Want More” award for Best Re-playability!


We’re 6 Months old!


It’s crazy, we’ve been attacking the airwaves since 21st Feb 2014! Quick, have a listen to a very nervous sounding Millie, get very excited about the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer!

But seriously, we’ve just gotten back to the volcano lair after our party show, LIVE on Preston FM this morning & we’re genuinely amazed at what we managed to squeeze into 26 shows! (Head over to and be amazed!)

Thanks to everyone who tuned in, and if you missed it, then you’ll have to ask nicely & we might upload the broadcast archive.

A very special thanks to Kyle at Kirby Krackle for letting us play Your Titan is Ready, and exclusive track from their Patreon, you’ll have to head over & pledge to hear that again! Check them out at

What does the future hold?

Well, MOAR Geek On Radio, more boardgames, more films, more music, more more more!
We’ll hopefully be talking to Debs & Errol, I Fight Dragons, and we’ll be off out to investigate Preston Comic Con and who knows what else?!

We’ve got plans for more Geek On projects, including (but not limited to) actually podcasting (instead of ripping content from our broadcasts), spreading our wings to YouTube, and more radio!

It also holds what you tell you want from Geek On, more reviews? more films, less spoilers? More UK music? Tell us!

Thanks for listening, here’s to the next 6 months!