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Up To Four Players!

The Up to 4 players logo

This week I got to talk to the creators of a new web comic, Up To 4 Players, Eran Aviram and Aviv Or.

I love the web comic and it’s only on it’s 6th strip, I urge you, go forth and binge read them all NOW, then listen to the show, or if you’re good at multi-tasking llisten AND read.


If you enjoy the show feel free to leave us a lovely review on iTunes, say hello on our twitter, or visit us on Facebook too.

Must dash, have secret nefarious plans to finish over on Kickstarter, we’ll tell you more next time.

Geek on XCOM the board game, Ghostbusters, and Preston Comic Con 2015!


This week Millie has played Xcom the board game!

Check out the Unboxing on the YouTube channel

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She also talks about Exploding Kittens (last time promise) and talks a little about the Ghostbusters casting, and also the Fantastic Four teaser.

The Whose Turn is it any way Episode Millie mentions is

why not have a poke about and check out some of their other podcasts too, a wild Millie may appear.

Stick with us right to the end, we have something awesome to tell you about Preston Comic Con!!

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Show Notes
Xcom the game.

It hit shelves in UK game store this week. I got my hands on a copy from my FLGS (that’s Harlequins in Preston BTW) raced home and then had to do mundane stuff like feed the minions, and other totally unglamourous things that an evil overlord has to do.

But eventually I got to open the box and dive in. There’s a video up on the YouTube, The quality of the components and the stuff in the box is good, its made by Fantasy Flight Games, it’s the sort of quality you’d expect from them, it’s nothing AMAZING, but it’s not rubbish. It’s got the FFG generic box insert to keep it all from flapping about, it comes with a few little bags to keep it all sorted. It’s good standard.

Biggest thing is there aren’t any rules in the box, there’s this little four page book that tells you the basic premise, tells you what all the bits are and how the starting setup is, but everything else is in the app. To learn how to play, you run the app on Tutorial.

My only play through so far is a 2 player game, following the tutorial, and I was the one in charge of the app. It wasn’t optimal. For your tutorial play I’d really suggest hanging on for 4 players, it’s a hectic game, and as there’s no physical rules to read beforehand you’re really glued to the app & the info it spews out.

There were moments where we got confused, can we look at the cards we’ve got, can are the secret, face down? What about the cash, should I go big, does the budget roll over? And because it’s just spitting out the info one chunk at a time, it’s hard to know what to do. It’s very in with the whole “computer game” walk through the first level, but it felt stifling and clunky for a board game. Having moaned about it, it’s actually quite simple, there are only a few concepts to grasp, and the app leads you through it all.

There’s two parts to each round, a real time section. Where whoever is in charge of the app is going to be shouting things like “CRISIS” , “Research ONE!” and “FIVE SECONDS!”!” while the others players are going to be trying to respond, see if they’ve got assets they can use to help in this phase, the player in charge of the budget is going to be cringing at the amount of credits they’re spending, and generally chaos.
Then the resolution section of the round, where you catch your breath, roll the dice (quite a few times) and push your luck, to see what continents are panicked, if the base is destroyed and what research the scientist actually drum up, if your troops are successful, and if all the UFO are destroyed. There’s some housekeeping. The app asks what the panic levels are, how many UFOs are in orbit, did you complete a mission this round, and do you still have a base?

Then you catch your breath, reset things, and dive in for the next Real Time section… If there were any UFOs left in orbit, then this part gets scrambled, you might not get your budget until the last part, you could have to pick your troops before you know the mission, and a whole load of frustration things, but it’s intense, it’s chaotic. It’s war against aliens.
If you win, you get a nice little victory screen, and a warm glow, as you look around your half destroyed base with 2 troops still standing, and a whole bunch of weird alien tech, that your crazy scientists have made up. And you need a nice cup of tea and a biscuit too. We really did feel like we’d just save the word, it was a tiny bit stressful, but fun. I’m looking forwards to getting a full 4 player game.

I kind of posted on Facebook that I could have a whole podcast where I rant about Exploding Kittens. I should be clear, it’s amazing at what the Oatmeal & guys have done. They’ve raised over 4 million Dollars in about 10 days.

It’s an amazing testament to the fans of the Oatmeal & the community he’s built up around his work and site. I love the Blerch, as a half arsed runner, (It took me 7 hours to complete the Liverpool Marathon 2014, I’m a total Blerch) the things Matt does, and the memes he creates are completely up this cynical geeks street. But the actual game? The game he’s illustrated? I don’t know.

And that’s the think I think we keep missing, and what people think I’m attacking, Matt Inman didn’t design this game, it’s Shane Small and Elan Lee.

And when you look through the credentials of Small & Lee, I have to wonder why this game just seems lame.

Lee has made games to promote things like the Year Zero for Nine Inch Nails, he’s a games designer, he’s been the Chief Design Officer at Xbox entertainment studios.

And take a quick look at Small, seriously head over to his site and have a look at the work he’s been involved with, beautiful, creative rich stuff.

I have to wonder just how drunk, and how bored they were when they made up the game that would become Exploding Kittens.

The way it’s described to me it’s 96% random drawing of cards, and 4% blind luck, with player elimination. I’m seriously just underwhelmed. It could be so much more.

On episode 13 of Whose Turn is it Anyway, (a podcast I’ve been on, and I’ll link to the pod I’m talking about) they talk about “Is there a game design in everyone?” like the adage “Is there a book in everyone?” Ignacy Trzewizek, designer of some amazing games like Robinson Crusoe and Imperial Settlers, Ignacy says something like, no, not everyone should make board games. Not everyone has a board (or card) game in them, or a good quality game. And I think no matter how creative you are, Exploding Kittens will prove this point.

It’s great that they’ve connected with The Oatmeal, and it’s super that Matt loves and has had some creative input in the game, it’s super that he’s got so much of his fanbase on board, and I’d love The Oatmeal to do a reskin of something like Smash Up! or Gloom or a million other games. But Expolding Kittens, no thanks.

It all gets me a little mad, like seeing game adverts on a Christmas for things like Monopoly, when I know there are a million better games in my local games store. Some of them for a fraction of the price of the stupid game advertised. But enough. If you’ve backed Exploding Kittens, and I’ve upset you, I’m sorry, I honestly hope you love the game, I’ll even play it with you and will be quite happy to eat my words if it turns out to be an amazingly tactical and strategic game. But Sceptical Millie is sceptical.


Ahh more scepticism…
The Fantastic Four Teaser trailer hit the internet this week… and gives about as much info as we’ve all come to expect from trailers that are actually not for the film but for the next trailer.

There are some standard action / sci fi shots, the classic behind shot with alien light shooting into the sky, and some montage of working shots too.

The only think that had me worried was they all look so young! Is it that I’m just getting old, and by default everyone is starting to look young. Jamie Bell, aka Billy Elliot but now playing Ben Grimm is 28. Miles Teller, soon to be known as Mr Fantastic is 27, so is the human torch Michael B jordan and Kate Mara, the invisible woman is 31.

But they all look like they’re 15.Have they had half their lives airbrushed away? How can I take Mr Fantastic seriously if he’s still in nappies?
I’ll reserve judgement until 20th Century Fox give us more to go on.


More info is still needed for the Ghostbusters reboot, but this time I’m tinged with optimism.
A full female line up has been announced. Melissa McCarthy, Kirstin Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones. And the release date is set for July 2016.

They’ll be busting ghosts in NYC, and who would suggest they do otherwise, it seems like the spiritual home of the Ghostbusters. (sorry)

The Director Paul Feig has worked with both Wiig and McCarthy in the 2011 comedy Bridesmaids It wasn’t my cup of tea, but it was a hit.

The thing that’s keeping me optimistic, is Starbuck. About 12 years ago if I’d said that, you’d be thinking of the guy from the A Team doing that space show. Now you’re thinking of the kick ass Katie Sackoff in the cooler BSG and shouting SO SAY WE ALL at every opportunity. I was incredibly sceptical about the new Battlestar, super wary of someone ruining what I loved from Childhood. Casting a woman to play Lt Starbuck. OMG NO.

There was so much drama around them casting a woman as Starbuck it was crazy, Sackoff even received a death threat before filming started.

It was genius.
So I’m just going to wait and see about this Ghostbusters, it could be BGS brilliant, it could be Phantom Menace terrible. who knows, we haven’t even had a teaser trailer yet.

Other things to talk about…

Firstly, Geek On Radio has been sent a couple RPGS that will be hitting Kickstarter soon, we’re having a read thought some of the source books, and I’ll fling out some links on Twitter ( At Geek On Radio) if you see something you’d like us to have a bit more of a delve into let us know. I guess we’ll post to Facebook too… I’m not a Facebook lover, sorry.

Last… but by no means least, I said in the bonus Pod that I had something awesome to tell you about Preston Comic Con.

If you didn’t come to Preston Comic Con last year, you missed a cracking event! And if you haven’t listened to the bonus pod, obviously I suggest you do, it’s the Comic Book Panel featuring Carlos Ezquerra John Wagner, Nick Brokenshire and Andy Diggle.

But that was last year! The next Preston COmic Con is Saturday 1st August, and tickets go on sale Sunday 1st Feb.

I’ve got some exclusive guest news for you…
Is it that Andy Diggle is a returning guest? nope,
how about that Anthony Johnston, Jim Alexander or Dave Taylor are going to be joining him? nope that’s old news,

It’s gotta be news about the film and TV guests then,
Colin Baker, nope, almost everyone knows the 6th incarnation of the doctor will be there.
How about Natalie Cox (aka Juno Eclipse) & Sarah Louise Maddison (don’t blink, she’s played weeping angels) will be waiting for you? Nah.

You know what is news… Everyone’s favourite Book Dwarf Ori, will be there!
Well the actor Adam Brown will be. He’s walked the length of middle earth with Bilbo, battled Smaug and now he’s heading to Preston! Well I’m excited. Are you? Tell me (& the guys at Preston Comic Con) on Twitters and the Facebook,

Thanks for listening, if you’ve enjoyed the show, please do subscribe, ect ect

I’m off to play Eclipse all weekend! Let me know what you’re up to, give me a tweet @geekonradio, say hi on the facebook page or just send me an email

The Comic Book Panel – Preston Comic Con 2014

Preston Comic Con Logo

We’ve been sitting on this audio for a while wondering if it’s good enough quality to put out into the ether. We’ve decided that, while the recording quality is totally naff, the content is golden!

So here it is, Andy Diggle, John Wagner, Carlos Ezquerra and Nick Brokenshire from Preston Comic Con 2014.


Preston Comic Con 2015 will be held on Saturday 1st August! You can find out more at

Are you going? Have you got your CosPlay ready?

Geek On #SecretWarsLive, Ghost in the Machine & More


It’s the first podcast of 2015.  We had a great holiday, hope you did too!

This week Millie talks about Marvel’s Secret War announcement.

Simon Pegg writing Star Trek 3, and the possible Ghost in the Machine remake.

Plus some Exploding Kittens and Cones of Dunshire on Kickstarter.

Here’s the YouTube link to the Press COnfrence on the Marvel channel


Don’t forget, you can alway give us a tweet @GeekOnRadio and tell us what gets your Geek On, we love hearing from you!



Show Notes


Comic News

On Tuesday at 3pm Eastern Time , which was actually 8pm for us UK folk and 20th Jan 2015 if you’re late to the podcast party, Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso and Senior Vice President of Publishing Tom Brevoort held the Secret Wars Live Press Conference at Midtown Comics in New York.

The Editor in Chief, laid out what was going to happen in the Company wide EVENT hitting the shelves this May.

You can watch the whole of the press conference on Marvel’s YouTube channel (& we’ll make sure the link is in the show notes.)

Alonso’s comments have cause fans to draw parallel to DC’s 2011 event “The New 52” where DC comics basically rebooted their whole line of monthly comics, and discontinuing many lines and stories in the DC world.

This speculation wasn’t helped by Tom Brevoort’s explanation that “that the mainstream Marvel Universe and Ultimate Universe would “smash together”

Again causing fans to point out similarities to the DC “Crisis on Infinite Earths” story line, that resulted in the destruction of many alternative timelines in the DC universe and left one, as DC called it, “Positive Matter Universe” behind.


Now there was no mention of Relaunch, reboot or reimagining,during the event. And Alonso was guarded when asked directly if it was a reboot replying ““Read and find out. Our history isn’t broken and it isn’t something we need to fix. If anything it’s something we’re building on and seeing how it comes together.”

I’m not certain if I’m frightened or excited in anticipation of the Secret Wars Event, but we will be getting the first instalment, Issue Zero, as part of Free Comic Book Day 2015, and we know from the Marvel Cinematic Universe that the company likes to plan big and plan long in advance, so could this be a hint that all the universes will collide, event the MCU?

It hasn’t gone unnoticed that Age of Ultron, the film, will be released in cinemas this April, just before this Secret Wars event hits our Friendly Local Comic Stores, is this their way of tempting people from the cinema to the Comic store? How long can Marvel rely on their big blockbusters? It seems like a sensible bet to tie the print into the cinema, and TV, to entice the new fans to try the old format, the comics that Marvel does best?

Here’s the timeline for when Marvel will reveal more details of each zone — hopefully including the titles and creative teams involved.

February 3 2015

Egyptia, The Regency, New Quack City, 2099, Hala Field, The Wastelands, Perfection, New Xander

February 17 2015

King James’ England, Weirdworld, Marville, The Eye of Agamotto, The City, The Warzone, Mutopia, Westchester

March 3 2015

New Mars, Greenland, Arachnia, Monster Metropolis, The Far East, Valley of Flame,

The Hydra Empire, Limbo, The Deadlands

March 10 2015

Utopolis, Attilan, Marvel 616, Marvel 1616, Killville, Arcadia, Bar Sinister, The Wall

Whatever is up their sleeves, I’ll bet Marvel will do it in style, and I’ve no doubt I’ll be snapping it.

What are your thoughts on the Press Conference? Let me know how you think the Secret Wars is going to pan out?


UNCANNY returns for Season 2

Andy Diggle and Aaron Campbell are set to make a return to Dynamite Entertainment for the April-debuting “Uncanny: Season Two,” a modern crime noir about humans with unnatural abilities.

“Season Two” picks up following the 2013 mini series detailing the adventures of Weaver, who has the ability to steal knowledge and skills from other people. Caught between a rock and a hard place, Weaver dodges criminals and the authorities alike when he finds himself used as bait. While evading a shadowy organization known as Cadre, he also begins the search for the source of his own powers.

Of the upcoming arc, Diggle said in Dynamite’s announcement, “In the new season of ‘Uncanny,’ artist Aaron Campbell and I rip away Dominic Weaver’s veneer of self-assured cool to reveal the flawed, frightened and conflicted kid hiding beneath it. Weaver has a lot of growing up to do and little time to do it, if he wants to stay alive.”

Games News

Tickets for the UK Games Expo have gone on sale at their website.

The UK’s largest Hobby Games Convention that runs for 3 days in Birmingham starting Friday 29th May. UK Games Expo is open to the public. You can book in advance OR just turn up and pay on the day. Tickets that are open on the website are for general admission, and do not include the popular tournament events that will be released closer to the date.

The team behind the event are expecting 8000 Visitors over the weekend. Check out for more info.


Cones of Dunshire hits Kickstarter…


If you’re a fan of Parks and Recreation you know the game has “all of the excitement of the IRS annual tax refresher program, but without all of the state law complexities!”


The gaim aims to raise $300,00 USD by early March, The lowest pledge level that includes a copy of the game is a $500, so this is a game for only the most dedicated enthusiasts (with the top tier of $3,500 already taken!). A $300 pledge nets you a pass to GenCon 2015 and dinner with the game’s team. Lower tiers include goodies like shirts, posters, and a Ledgerman hat.


While you’re on Kickstarter also have a search for “Exploding Kittens”


coming from famed comic The Oatmeal, Mat Inman, who partnered up with Elan Lee and Shane Small to create what appears to be a rather simple game for players of all ages, although a NSFW version of the game is also available.


The creators describe the game a highly strategic kitty-powered version of Russian Roulette,” on their project’s Kickstarter page.


The game reached its $10,000 funding goal in just 20 minutes after being listed, and it topped $2,500,000 in pledges with almost a full month to go.


To get the full game  including the NSFW content you need to pledge around $40 USD and they’re talking with the guys behind the VERY NSFW came Cards Against Humanity to help with the distribution.


Top level perks include signed boxes and cards drawn by the oatmeal, Shane Small or Elan Lee, although they do apologize for Elan’s drawing skills in advance.


So if you’re into card games or laser beams or weaponized enchiladas, and kittens causing terrible explosions, check it out.


Film News

Simon Pegg will write Star Trek 3!!!

Roberto Orci, who was also slated to direct Star Trek 3, left in December reportedly after disagreements over the script, has been replaced by Scotty! (Despite a fan campaign to get Jonathan Frakes (aka Will Riker) into the directors chair Orci, has been replaced in the director’s chair by Justin Lin, best known for the Fast and Furious movies.)

Pegg has taken over scripting with the help of TV writer Doug Jung. Hopefully this means at least 2 things

  1. we’ll seem more of Pegg’s bemused scots man in space, and all the joys that come with having Scotty on screen
  2. we’ll get a script, and ultimately a film, that will be as amazing as any of “The Cornetto” trilogy.

there’s no doubt in my mind that Pegg will pull out all the stops to create a script that he’d want to go watch himself, after all the man is a self declared Trek fan, and a loud and proud geek. Announcing Pegg has taken a script writing role, has renewed my waning enthusiasm for what was starting to feel like a doomed ship!

Ghost in the Shell

Scarlett Johansson has signed up for the lead role in the remake of the 1995 japanese anime “Kôkaku Kidôtai” Also known as Ghost in the Shell.

While I’m certain the Black widow could pull off the role of Major Kusanagi, I have join with others asking…. does this film need a remake?

Hasn’t Hollywood riffed off the film enough with, The Matrix, Avatar (not the airbenders, the blue aliens on the faraway planet) Surrogates and AI: Artificial Intelligence.

Do we need a live action version? Do we need Major Motoko Kusanagi & the rest of Section 9 westernised and turned into a futuristic arm of the Feds?

I’m also questioning why we need a remake? Do film studios still only think audiences can only relate to characters of the same nationality as them? I’m full of questions and outrage over this remake, and am currently hoping that it goes the way of the off-on-off on Akira remake.

We thought the Suicide Squad was confirmed, and then Tom Hardy dropped out of the Rick Flagg role (with the rumours being that he didn’t like the script)

Jake Gyllenhaal was Supposed to his replacement, but Variety is now reporting that he’s also turned down the role. And it seems like he didn’t waste time on passing this project over.David Ayer’s Suicide Squad is due to start filming this April, but the search for Rick Flagg continues.

Something I’m a little more excited about is According to Global News, Ryan Reynolds will begin filming Deadpool in his hometown of Vancouver in late March.

This is the second time Reynolds will step into the red lycra of Wade Wilson, but this time we’re praying that it’s a little more Merc with a mouth, than some random science experiment to see how many fans the studio can upset.


The film is due Feb 2016, and I want to make some glib reference to valentine’s day & deadpool, but I’m scared Shiklah will find out & hurt me.


Geek on 2004


This weeks show was all about 2004

The ESA Rosetta mission landed Philae on a comet! Mind boggling! Well at least for this friendly local radio host. It’s a mission that launched 10 years ago in 2004.

Marvel MCU & MOAR!


In this show Millie talks about the 6 films that Marvel are releasing in the UK before the rest of the world.

Also covers some of the DC TV programs on air right now, and some great tunes!

We’ve also got some great news…

Geek On will soon be taking up 2 hours of your Sunday morning! What ever will we fill that second hour with?!

We went to #PrestonComicCon


Geek on at Preston Comic Con by Geek On Radio on Mixcloud

We went to Preston Comic Con & it was AWESOME!

Millie caught up with Sarah & the iCosplay team, Nicola Bryant and also Norman Lovett.

We also found this video of the event by Ben Yates showing some of the great cosplay!

Did you go and attend any of the Q&A pannels at the event? Who made you star struck & did you get the autograph you wanted?

Give us a tweet @GeekOnRadio & include #PrestonComicCon in the tweet so that the Neil & the organizers can find your comments too!

Geek on with Andy Diggle & iCosplay

Andy Diggle

This week we laughed at Millie as she sat in the studio and tried to call Andy Diggle, sound professional & not fan girl all around the room. We think she just about held it together. Andy Diggle’s website is over, at the very sensibly named

It was also a pleasure to speak to Sarah from iCosplay, a great charity group who’ve launched their anti bullying campaign, their facebook page is at We demand you head over there now & give them some support!

Both Andy Diggle & the iCosplay team will be at Preston Comic Con on 25th October, plus Andy will also be at the Lakes International Comic Art Festival from 17 -19 October 2014 in Kendal.

If you wanted just the chatter, without all that pesky music, here’s the Andy Diggle interview